Sundance Institute

Sub-Genre was contracted by Sundance Institute and Cinereach to help create artist-centered tools to collect, share, and analyze independent films’ financial data, empowering filmmakers to be more creative and efficient in funding, marketing and releasing their work. This included aggregating real financial data from over 1000 films, including deal terms and data normally hidden from public view. This data was then anonymized, and put into a financial performance database that could be manipulated in real-time to model future financial performance of hypothetical films.

Brian led a team of data scientists, nonprofit leaders, UI experts and film industry advisors who aggregated data on hundreds of films and made that data accessible in a real-time data exploration interface. The project team launched two working beta versions of the Transparency Project website and a white paper on the future of Transparency. The project lives on through the Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative and Reports. Significant project development also came from Harmony Institute and Assemble. Read the news on the project from IndieWire and Filmmaker Magazine.

A Sample screenshot of the project is below: