How We’re Different

We have deep experience in entertainment and marketing. We bring these two divergent worlds together in a way that promotes and protects the brand every step of the way.

How we’re different from working directly with a talent agency: A talent agency primarily works to align its existing clients and talent on projects. They’re also incentivized to focus on their commission, often at the expense of brand objectives. Sub-Genre can help a brand work across multiple talent agencies to find the best talent and partners, and has no conflicts of interest that would prioritize any relationship over that with the brand. Talent agencies also try to force a brand into the way Hollywood works. Sub-Genre integrates the storytelling strengths of Hollywood and a brand’s marketing resources to create something that’s larger than a sum of its parts.

How we’re different from working directly with a sales agent: A sales agent is incentivized by their commission to focus on selling to the distributor that offers the highest fee. Distribution by the highest bidder often doesn’t offer the best value in terms of serving the brand’s various objectives. Sales agents are also only involved until the sale is completed. They’re not involved in managing promotion of the project so brands are under-represented in the promotion of the project. Sub-Genre is paid a flat fee, and is incentivized to make sure the distributor and distribution methods align with all brand goals. We remain involved throughout the distribution and marketing campaign, to ensure optimal brand results.

How we’re different from working directly with a film studio: Sub-Genre works to ensure that the content fits the brand - its mission, goals, needs and KPI’s. A studio’s primary goal is to make the film they want to make. They often see the brand as just another investor to appease while making their desired project - vs a project that serves the brand’s objectives. Sub-Genre makes sure both parties' interests are aligned.