Our Services

We work directly for BRANDS who want to be involved with entertainment. We also work for STUDIOS and AGENCIES that are helping brands with their entertainment projects. All of the services below apply to these constituencies.


Ideation, strategy development, setting mission & goals for brand content projects or launching film studios. Determining the best format - short form, features, narratives or documentaries, and/or episodic content - to reach your goals and audience. Film development research, and story & character research and development. Finding talent, negotiating talent deals, and oversight of the film development process with the creative team, from idea through production, post and delivery.


We identify, research and find your audience, their platforms and behavior and how to best reach them through social media, films and other content. We also manage social media marketing campaigns for film and video.


We have the connections to help you deliver your content to your audience both online and off, and know what works best for each. We can handle every aspect of distribution, including: film festivals & awards; theatrical campaigns & special events; VOD, AVOD and SVOD partnerships; and impact campaigns. We ensure that the distribution process matches the brand's goals.


Developing launch strategies for new campaigns in film, video and new media (VR/AR), including all aspects of your associated marketing campaign. Ensuring coordination between brands and distribution partners (SVOD platforms, etc.)