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Brian Newman has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences and for a variety of organizations internationally.

He has spoken on a host of topics including:

  • Brands and Cinema
  • The future of film production & distribution
  • Marketing, Outreach and Audience Development through new technologies
  • The future of media
  • VOD and New Business Models

    Check out this video from a recent Branded Documentary Workshop at UnionDocs:

    From: BRANDED DOCUMENTARIES: An Intensive 3-day Seminar on Creative Content from UnionDocs on Vimeo.

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    Upcoming Talks:

    Brand Film Awards Jury, March-May, 2021

    Past Talks & Events:

    RuderFinn/Osmosis Brand Film Virtual Summit, March, 2021

    Slamdance Summit - February, 2021

    FilmLaunch, Entertainment Insider Panel Series, January, 2021

    Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective Panel, December, 2020

    Chicken & Egg Fund Funding Panel, December, 2020

    Filmocracy Film Fest - Summit November, 2020

    Future of Film Summit - Brand Funding (Chair) Nov 18-20

    Camden Film Festival Pitch, October, 2020

    Chicago Film Fest, Industry Days, Don't Panic- Fundraising in the Pandemic, Oct 17th

    Ghetto Film School, Roster, Festival Panel, Sept, 2020

    Rotterdam Film Festival, Roundtable, Aug, 2020

    Encounters, South African Film Festival, Aug, 2020

    Elevate Conference, Moderation of multiple panels, Summer, 2020, including: Schwab and Breakwater Studios;Brands & Documentary; and Purpose & Action During and After a Pandemic;

    SeriesFest, Denver, Jury, June, 2020

    Full Frame Speakeasy, June 2020

    Brand Film Awards, Jury, Spring 2020

    Bogota Web Fest, April, 2020 (rescheduled)

    Rendezvous with French Cinema, FilmLinc, UniFrance Event, March, 2020

    Brand Foundation Alliance Convening, Jan, 2020

    PAST EVENTS - 2017-2019

    Boston, Campfire Brand Gathering, Oct, 2019; Camden Film Festival, Sept, 2019; NYFA – Brands and Film – July, 2019; BAM – Bogota AudioVisual Market – July, 2019; Mass Expo: Branded Content & Storytelling, Nov 2018; Camden Film Festival, Sept, 2018; UnionDocs: Branded Docs Workshop, May 2018; Big Sky Documentary Film Fest, Feb 2018; DocNYC: Morning Manifesto, Dec, 2017; IDFA, Amsterdam – IDFA Academy, IDFA Forum, Nov 2017; Europa International Conference, Bucharest, Nov 2017; Camden International Film Festival, Sept, 2017; Keynote, Toronto International Film Festival Filmmaker BootCamp, Sept 2017; Future of Arts & Culture Foundations in the US & Europe; Foundation Center and Consulate of Denmark, Aug, 2017.


    Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival; ReelWorld – Impact; Europa International Conference, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival; Camden: Branded Docs; Locarno Film Festival – Distribution; Transparency in Film Numbers; Danish Consulate NYC: The Future of the Cultural Industries; Sheffield Doc Fest: DocCampus VOD; MountainFilm Telluride: Coffee Chat; Hot Docs – Audience Engagement; and Brands & Docs; European Documentary Network (EDN) Moving Pictures Conference, Athens, Greece; Emory University: Careers in Film; Full Frame: The New Theatrical; Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival: Pitch; Europa Cinemas, New Models, Prague, CZ; Sundance 2015: Brands and Cinema; the Transparency Project; Arthouse Convergence: The Transparency Project; Big Sky Film Festival: Distribution; VOD and Maximizing Revenue; Hot Docs: Forum Moderator; IDFA: Branded Documentaries ; Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), Montreal, Canada ; Cork Film Festival: Audience Building Strategies & VOD Models; Viaggio Per L’Italia: New business models in a sharing economy; Europa Films, Athens, Greece; School of Visual Arts (SVA); PushPush Theater, Atlanta, GA; Camden International Film Festival; IFP Film Week.