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After months of hard work, we’re finally nearing the launch of the public beta of Flicklist.  We think it will help change the film world for the better, and we hope you’re as excited to use the app as we are. Before we launch, however, we need some beta testing and feedback from the people we trust most.

Flicklist is the easiest way to find new films. It cuts through the noise to find the best films to watch with your friends, based on the opinions of those you trust. Flicklist helps you discover, share and socialize around any film – whether it is available in theaters, at festivals, online or at home.

Far more than just a universal queue, Flicklist is a comprehensive social network. You can easily socialize around films by inviting others to join you, curating your own lists, and following the recommendations of experts who are uniquely right for you, whether those experts are your friends, critics, filmmakers, or just intriguing people – even some celebrities.

We’ve integrated lots of films, including most of the line-up from the 2012 Toronto Film Festival. We hope you’ll use Flicklist to build your queue of films you want to see, discover new titles and share them with others.

It’s never been easier or more fun to track the films you’ve seen or start watching the films you want to see.

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