Sub Genre

Current Clients

REI – Sub-Genre is consulting with REI on strategic planning for new film initiatives, including feature documentary, narrative film and episodic series development, production and distribution/marketing. Sub-Genre has helped build the entire go-to-market strategy, is identifying talent and potential film investments, negotiating terms with filmmakers and distributors and helping the team build marketing and distribution plans for all projects.
STRIPE – Sub-Genre is helping Stripe to launch a new film initiative with production and distribution of feature and short form documentary films. Brian has helped negotiate a deal for investment in their first documentary film, We are As Gods: Stewart Brand, which premiered at the 2021 SXSW Film Festival.
SHOPIFY – We helped Shopify to launch the feature film Own the Room, now on NatGeo/Disney+
Epic Magazine – IBM – Sub-Genre is helping Epic Magazine and IBM to launch a new documentary, The Debater, which premiered at CPH:DOX in March, 2020.

Amazon's The Climate Pledge - helping them launch a content studio to showcase Pledge signatories and projects.

Oatly - helping them launch a new feature film in 2021/22.